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Privacy Policy

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Forms on

There are some forms on this website that collect data from our website visitors (you). These forms are on the Contact Us page as well as the Party Booking page.

What information do the forms record?

The forms record things like your name, your contact information, messages you'd like to send us, and more. However, unless you fill out one of the forms and submit it, no data is collected.

What do we do with the form information?

We either use the data to contact you about a question or concern (if you submitted the contact form) or to create a booking for a bowling party (if you submitted the party booking form). We will not use the data for any purpose not related to these two tasks.

Google Analytics

Like millions of other websites, uses Google Analytics. Google Analytics is a piece of software that grabs data about our website visitors (you).

What does Google Analytics record?

  • What website you came from to get here
  • How long you stay on this website
  • What kind of computer or device you’re using
  • And quite a bit more

What do we do with this data?

The tracking information allows us to better understand the kind of people who come to this site and what content they’re reading. This allows us to make better decisions about the site's content and design.

All of our activity falls within the bounds of the Google Analytics Terms of Service.

Want to opt out of tracking?

You can opt out of Google’s advertising tracking cookie or use a browser plugin to opt out of all Google Analytics tracking software.